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Dynnargh - welcome to our website

Harcourt White is a Cornish property business that lets and manages properties, has a specific House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) management service and we work with investors to create much-needed accommodation in Cornwall.

Cute cottages, lovely flats, amazing apartments, funky student lets and stylish professional rooms... these are some of the types of properties we create, let and manage.

On this site you'll find lots of information... but it's not the same as having a proper chat.
Feel free to contact us today - give us a bell or get in touch on social media.

Our website is not only an introduction to us, Harcourt White, but also a celebration of beautiful Cornwall.

We've included some wonderful videos and photography of Cornwall - we hope you enjoy.

Why Choose Harcourt White?

Being a know-it-all

No one likes a know-it-all, but when it comes to handing over the keys to your precious property… you want someone who knows their stuff!

We are always learning – whether that be going on a property course, keeping in touch with the ‘bigwigs’ online via forums or attending Property Investment meet-ups, we feel it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest legislation and what’s going on in the property scene.

Vision, Goals, Ethos – what’s the big deal?

This is important to us. Anyone can go into business to make a quick buck (so to speak), but that’s not us.

We are very clear… we do not want loads-and-loads of properties, it’s not our style.

Instead, we want smaller portfolios per property manager and cover a smaller geographical area within Cornwall – we feel this is better use of time management and will mean better results for our clients.

After all, how many viewings can an office do efficiently if they cover Padstow to Porthcurno?!

Where is common sense and initiative... Has anyone seen them?

For us as a team this was one of our biggest frustrations working within the property industry.

We’ve had many experiences in past jobs where colleagues had done something silly, not done their job correctly or simply lacked the passion to do the job properly... and we’d often think ‘where is your common sense ?!’

We feel common sense and initiative have been missing for a while – but we’re here to bring them back!

We’ll work damn hard to ensure you see common sense and initiative in us.

The Fluffy Stuff

A lot of agents say they care about their tenants and landlords, but do they?

Our aim? Happy tenants and pleased landlords!

How do we do this? Simple. We listen first, then we take action.

Remember, a happy tenants stays-and-pays!

And a landlord with a long-term paying tenant is the key to happiness (for the agent anyways!)

We work with investors

You may have noticed that Cornwall is in desperate need of more accommodation.

And we can do something about this.

We've all seen a building left to decay or an empty house in need of renovation... and this is where we come in.

We can take these properties and convert them into much-needed accommodation.

To achieve this we work with investors.

If you would like to know more or would like to get involved in what we're doing then click the link below.

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